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Do you have a nagging thought that your business could be more?

        You are not alone.  Businesses in the Bible play a far greater role in God’s plan than almost anyone has realized.  (See The Good Book on Business)  God has a plan for your business which is bigger than you may realize.

       Businesses which mold themselves into the Biblical model:

  Are built to achieve the specific purpose given to them by God.

          As you mold your business into the Biblical model, you’ll know that you are where God wants you to be.  No more second-guessing and guilt over your commitment to your business.

  Provide economic security to your family and to the families of your employees.

          You’ll feel fulfilled knowing that your business provides for the physical well-being for your employees and their families.

  Bring an ever-growing degree of organization to God’s creation.

          God established creation as a canvas and provided the brushes and paint for mankind to express its creativity in it through a continuously growing degree of organization. As your business molds itself into the Biblical model, you’ll know that you have a special place in painting the portrait of a redeemed creation.

  Are a conduit for God’s blessing.

          It is God who provides for his people and uses your business as a tool to do so.  Fellowship, community, sense of purpose, security, personal growth – all of these are God’s blessing channeled through your business. Your business truly is a special ministry — and you’ll feel that.

  Provide a venue for the exercise of spiritual gifts.

          When you provide a climate allowing for the exercise of spiritual gifts, the results can be supernatural and spectacular.  You and your business will be the beneficiaries.

  Train and equip the next generation of leaders.

          A Biblical business nurtures the skills and refines the character for the next generation of leaders. Your feel a sense of fatherly pride as you realize that your efforts in your business have generations of impact.

  Model spiritual transformation.

          God put your business where it is – to be the salt and light to your market, your customers, your employees, your industry and your community.  When you, and your business, model the spiritual transformation in you, you unleash the Spirit to transform families and whole communities.

Don’t believe the conventional wisdom about business.  Our culture will tell you:


                   “Real ministry is only done under the purview of the religious establishment.”

      Nonsense.  God said. ”Whatever you do, brethren, work at with all your heart as  working for the Lord, not for men, and you’ll receive an inheritance from the Lord as a     reward.” (Col. 4:23)   “Whatever you do” includes your business.


         “The purpose of a business is to make money to support the religious establishment.”

     Nonsense.  Jesus taught, in the parable of the talents, that we would be blessed for increasing the wealth entrusted to us, not for giving it away. A Biblical business has far greater reach and more sophisticated purposes then just money.


         “The purpose of a business is to spread the gospel.” 

      Only indirectly.  As a business grows and spreads its influence, people are naturally drawn to the sense of God’s presence that permeates your business. 

How it works:

  • Each month revolves around a theme.  For example: “Building prayer into your business.”
  • Every month, you’ll receive a variety of content, all in bite-sized pieces, delivered by email. 
  • Every month, you’ll receive…
    • A  podcast dealing with that month’s theme.
    • A video expanding on the theme.
    • A blog post discussing the theme.
    • All the content is created or curated by Dave Kahle.  Review Dave’s credentials here.
    • The content is focused on practical implementation, not academic information.  So, you’ll receive application exercises that you can utilize every month to implement the strategies and concepts into your business.  Review every module here.
  • A quarterly live webinar with Dave and other coalition members.
  • A subscription to “Building Biblical Businesses” a bi-weekly E-zine.
  • Two books a year.  Curated by BBC members and shipped to you in either hard-copy or electronic fashion.
  • A one-on-one phone call annually.
  • Preference in membership in our inner-circle Christian Executives Roundtable group.

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No wonder it often feels lonely. 

No longer.  Join with others who feel the same way, and share the journey.

Remember, the monthly fee is less than a nice lunch.
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